Choosing the Right Plasma TV


Step 1
Measure the spot where you intend to put the TV. Know the maximum dimensions, so you don’t end up having to exchange the TV later. If you intend to hang the TV on the wall, be sure to also locate studs in the wall for proper hanging.

Step 2
Determine if you want an HD (high definition) or an ED (enhanced definition) TV. HDTVs offers a higher resolution than EDTVs. (When looking for the resolution values, pay attention to the second number. For example, in the resolution 852x480, note the 480. If the number is 480, the set is ED, if it’s 720 or higher, it’s HD.)

Step 3
Weigh screen size over price. You’ll obviously get more screen for more money, but determine whether or not it’s worth it. Some screens need a certain size room for proper viewing. For example, 42 inch HD screens are best viewed from at least 6 feet away, even further for the ED version.

Step 4
Educate yourself as to the risks of burn-in. Because of the materials a plasma screen TV is made of, it is possible that static images can “burn” into the screen. Many plasma televisions come with features to protect against that now, though.

Step 5
Consider what you’ll be attaching to the TV and where it will be located. Even if your plasma TV comes equipped with a digital tuner, you may choose to use a cable or satellite box, DVD player, video game console or other items on the TV. Is there a place to hook in these items? Where will all the cords go when everything is set up?



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